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Today’s technology allows us to capture and share each fleeting moment of our lives with the whole wide world. Rarely do we take the time to slow down, and capture that special “family time”.

More and more is being made these days of the throwaway nature of photographs. Shoot, glance, share, store. Then what? Do you keep your images on the Cloud, put them on a memory stick, or burn them to a disk? What happens next? They get deleted, lost, or simply forgotten about.

Have you ever looked at prints of your parents and grandparents? How much do they mean and what story do they tell? How proud are you when showing off beautifully printed images of your family? There is so much value in having framed fine art images to cherish and preserve your family story. It is so important to have such heirlooms to pass down to your children and beyond.

Come spend some time with us at our beautiful studio set in the stunning Yorkshire countryside, and let us capture your family taking the time to enjoy a unique experience with Yours Truly. We create family portraits beyond your expectation for you and your future generations.



I LOVE THIS IMAGE! This is without doubt one of my most favourite images that Jools has created to date. Everything works for me. Jo was invited into the studio for a shoot and the resultant images produced this response from her mother – “THANK YOU so much. These are absolutely stunning – I know I have a beautiful daughter in so many ways but I just never thought Jo could look quite like this (neither did Jo – convinced she wasn’t at all pretty!!). I’m thrilled, and emotional, and so very, very grateful you gave her the chance to do this. She had a fantastic experience and enjoyed every minute of working with you both and then to get these……..well……!!!!” To us, such words are priceless! Thank you Ann.

J014 WS

Jo is a very talented musician with an amazing voice. What shone through during the shoot was her wonderful personality captured perfectly by Jools. Jo was completely unaware of how wonderful she looks. Fantastic!

KB Course 2

Nothing like gaining inspiration to kick start the New Year! We did just that at Karl Bratby Photography in Nottingham recently. In the business world this is known as Continuous Professional Development. At Yours Truly Photography we like to call it ‘get out of the studio for the day and have a laugh with other photographers’. There is, however, a very serious side to such days out as well. Both Jools and I feel it it vital to interact with other like minded photographers. Sharing knowledge and experiences with people who care about their art keeps us at the top of our game.

Many thanks to the very talented duo of Karl and Steph for hosting such a fantastic day. Jools and I would heartily recommend a visit to their studio to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and who relish learning off highly skilled practitioners. We came home buzzing with new ideas and some stunning images to boot.

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Personal Picasa

A year ago Jools and I were contemplating the next twelve months and what they would bring. This blog post, of a personal and professional nature, will attempt to give you a brief insight into Yours Truly Photography during 2014, and is a celebration of all that happened to us. Firstly, however, a massive thank you to all our clients, friends, and last, but not least, our respective families for their never wavering support. A special mention must go to Joanne Maltby of Wetherby Hour for her tireless championing of Yours Truly Photography during 2014.

Portrait Picasa

“I don’t have enough words to explain how fabulous they are…… with a great studio in a beautiful, rural location providing an excellent backdrop, we were made to feel completely at ease with gorgeous photos as a result – would recommend to anyone!” Sarah Lee-Ann

Portraits have been a major feature of our portfolio this year. Jools and I are amazed and delighted at the importance of photography nowadays. Everyone has access to a camera. Imagery has never been so prominent in everyday life. Instant editing improves a picture which can then be posted online at the click of a button for everyone to view. Fantastic! What we do is slightly different. Our ethos is simple – at Yours Truly Photography special moments in time are created that will last a lifetime and more. Moments that will make you laugh, make you cry and give you memories of that ever so special occasion. Our images are then displayed using the best local suppliers – such as Frame Abel and Flamboyant Creations – whose standards mirror our own to create finished pieces beyond your expectation.

Wedding Picasa

 “Words cannot express how beautiful the pictures you took are. You captured our love for each other so beautifully and we are over the moon!! Amazing!!”  Florence and Damian

Weddings, ah, weddings. What can you say about this very specialist area of photography.  Our aim has always been to tell the story of the day with a Yours Truly twist. Two photographers working hand in glove creating magical memories of the one day you will never want to forget. 2014 has seen us doing what we do best in locations as far apart as a stunning chateau in Provence through to the equally beautiful Priory Cottages on a Winter’s day in Yorkshire. Jools and I have laughed and cried in equal measure during these highly emotional events.

Theatre Flyer

“Fantastic pictures and a really lovely, relaxed experience. Ant and Jools make you feel completely at ease and welcome – fantastic! No hard sell – just lots of expert advice and so very, very helpful. You two will go far! Great customer service and fabulous natural timeless pictures! Thank you to you both.” Julia Wood

Jools and I were very fortunate to be asked to photograph a number of shows and press calls at York Theatre Royal and West Yorkshire Playhouse during 2014. Theatrical productions were made for our bold, colourful style! Though we have to work under pressure to tight schedules and exacting standards, Jools and I have enjoyed every second of this exciting new adventure! Seeing our images featured in The Guardian, The Independent and The Stage amongst others were just some of the year’s many highlights.


Now there’s cute, and there’s CUTE! Recent visitors to the Yours Truly studio were the lovely Kidner family. And whilst mum and dad were cute, daughter Gracie was CUTE!


The wonderful Yorkshire weather smiled down on us again, and we spent a marvellous couple of hours in the company of this tremendous trio.


 There’s so much for a young child to explore in and around the studio. Gracie literally had a field day!


Look at those eyes. Amazing!


 Her favourite of all the animals here was definitely the chickens. Gracie was absolutely captivated by them.


Jools and I particularly love the edit on the shot of Gracie looking at our fair, feathered friends. It has a very nostalgic feel to it.


Come to our studio for a swinging time!


Mum and dad got in the action as well. I think Jools was running around after Gracie while I took this shot.


We often experiment with our editing. It gives shots a different feel, and provides people with even more choice.


Then it was back in the studio for some stunning indoor shots.


It was smile after smile with Gracie. She loved having these portraits taken with her favourite cuddly toy. It’s a pig – though I kept calling it a rabbit!


Love this family portrait!


 Jools and I always try to do a classic type of portrait. Gracie was perfect for this type of image.


 Timeless! Jools has an incredible patient and calming presence when photographing toddlers. It is such a pleasure to watch her at work. I think the results speak for themselves.